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Clubhouse decking offers cutting edge performance with style and beauty not found anywhere else in the decking category. So if you’re ready to create a one-of-kind outdoor living space, why not start with a one-of-a-kind product: Clubhouse Decking.
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Innovative Technology for Lasting Beauty
The super-dense Korelite cell structure creates decking that’s lighter and stronger than other materials. Specialized engineering and manufacturing produces a timber with greater density at the top and bottom, much like an I-beam. In addition, the high-performance capstock and foam interior act as a stress skin panel. As a result, this proprietary design minimizes surface imperfections, voids and water absorption while offering superior strength and impact resistance, and a solid feel underfoot.
Bring the comfort you enjoy inside your home to the outdoors. With popular, natural-looking decking colors to complement your style and decking materials built to resist the elements, it’s easy to create your ideal outdoor space and keep it looking like new, season after season.
Keep everything below your deck dry and add even more outdoor living space. Dexerdry creates a tight seal between boards and acts like gutters. It’s easy to maintain and works with all Wolf Perspective Decking.
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